Matt Bug

My first passion was guitar.


Welcome to IBC Shadows Music! I am Matt Bug, veteran producer and musician from the St. Louis area. IBC Shadows Music serves as both my record label and my audio recording service. Let’s make some music!


IBC Shadows Music began as an independent record label in 1997 to release my own band, Ded Bugs’ material. In 2013, I decided to start releasing other St. Louis area bands’ music. As a label, the main focus is releasing loud rock from young artists. If you are young, talented and have a passion for making music, contact me! I’m always looking for new and exciting artists.


I began recording sounds just for fun when I was around 10-years old. My first multi-track recording was made in my pre-teens when I recorded both my live guitar and a pre-recorded guitar part playing on a cassette deck onto another portable cassette player. It was an overdub! Fascinating! I felt as if I’d discovered a new form of magic! From there my skills gradually progressed as did the various recording platforms: 4-track cassette, 8-track reel to reel, ADAT, and now the wonderful world of DAWs and Pro-Tools. In my bands, I was always the guy who was hands-on in the studio. Eventually, I oversaw the recording of several albums from start to finish. And I started recording not only my own bands, but many other local bands as well. I also found the value of collaboration and surrounding oneself with exceptional talent.

In short, I love recording audio. It’s my lifelong passion. Most of my experience is in recording loud rock, but I enjoy recording audio in all genres and in all forms. Blues. Jazz. Country. EDM. Film scores. Film sound design. Voice overs. Field recording. I’ve enjoyed it all! Whatever your needs might be in capturing sound, I’m here to help!