With roughly 30 years of experience, I offer a wide range of audio services. Whatever your audio needs, give me a shout and I will gladly help. Services include:

Recording Engineer
Mix Engineer
Audio Mastering Engineer
Sound Design
Film Score

For rates, please contact me directly:
Rates are very customer-friendly and largely dependent on role.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on these projects since 2010:

Finn’s Motel “Stone Lions” EP – mixing and mastering engineer [post-production] 2017
Finn’s Motel “Quinta Del Sordo” LP – producer [post-production] 2017
Whoa Thunder “Depths Of The Deep End” EP – producer 2017
Finn’s Motel “Into The Realm Of Jupiter Rex” LP – producer 2017
Larry O’Neal “A Thousand Lost Allegories” LP – mastering engineer 2016
Remodels “Gustine” single – producer 2016
Whoa Thunder “Hop To It” single – producer 2016
Soma Jet Set “Hana” LP – producer 2015
Million Hits “Oh, Carolina” single – producer 2015
Larry O’Neal “Heroes Fall Hard” LP – mastering engineer 2015
Larry O’Neal “Hitchhike Back To Suckerville” LP – mastering engineer 2014
Million Hits “Wanna Gonna Get It Right” single – producer 2014
Four Foot Skyscraper “Four Foot Skyscraper” LP – producer 2014
Million Hits “Surrender To The Power Of Rock’n’Roll – producer 2013
Middle Class Fashion “Jungle” LP – mastering engineer 2013
Whoa Thunder “You’re Under Attack!” LP – mix & mastering engineer 2013
Million Hits “Kiss & Kill Me” – producer 2013
Million Hits “Get Outta Mah Face” – producer 2013
Hathead Jones “Eleven” LP – producer 2012
Macro Meltdown “California 2” single – arranger & mix engineer 2010