Million Hits


Million Hits came together in their pre-teens when they met at Camp Jam in STL circa 2010. I found Million Hits through my close friend, Jeremy Wallace of Wicked Pixel Cinema. In 2012, Jeremy approached me about working with his son, Eli’s new band. They were so young! But so talented, I could not resist the offer. I began mentoring and working with Million Hits in late 2012. We immediately shifted the band’s focus from cover songs to original material. Opportunity quickly arose and soon the band was headlining St. Louis venues and opening for national artists that would pop through town. Between 2013 and 2015, Million Hits released five singles on IBC Shadows Music along with two music videos. Eventually, adulthood came calling to these rock kids. Founding drummer, Eli joined the Navy. Lead Vocalist, Olivia Vaughn left for FL to pursue a teaching degree at FSU. And remaining members, Connor Ouchi, Christian Wallace and Jonah Roy decided to pursue other musical endeavours. Million Hits disbanded amicably in June 2016. But the rock of Million Hits will live forever!